Forward Osmosis - the Way of Nature

fluvicon has developed a technology based on forward osmosis (not reverse osmosis!) - thereby breaking new ground as this is the exact opposite of todays filtration approaches.
The “Osmotic Cycle” is a biomimetic water treatment principle that takes advantage of the natural process of osmosis. That’s the same process that nature uses for the regulation of water in every living cell – and that means maximum robustness and energy efficiency, and thus leads to the following advantages:

m_detail - transparent klein + energy savings of up to 50 %
+ high rejection
+ high robustness
+ nearly no fouling
+ treatment of hard-to-treat waters possible
+ high reliability
+ consistent treatment quality
+ easy operation
+ few maintenance required
+ tolerant to most chemicals
+ suited for rugged applications
+ tolerant to a wide range of pH

The process scheme thereby consists of an osmosis step that extracts freshwater from any feed water, and a very energy efficient reconcentration step (thus “Cycle”), that reconcentrates the osmotic agent of the draw solution.


Thomas Grießler, CEO

fluvicon GmbH was founded by Thomas Griessler in May 2013, and independently develops the “Osmotic Cycle”.

Thomas Griessler received his BA in Physics through his inter-universitary studies at the University of Technology Graz and the Karl-Franzens-University Graz. His background lies primarily in experimental physics, with emphasis on experimental practice, fluid dynamics, cavitation and sonoluminescence.
After earning his degree he developed – amongst other things – a ferrofluide based membrane separation process for water treatment; this was the precursor to the “Osmotic Cycle”.


Partner / Investors

If you are interested in investing in the next generation of water treatment and desalination, or partnering with us, please contact us. Additional information can be found here.

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