the Challenge

Fresh Water and Waste Water

Water is the issue of the 21st century.

You need fresh water for production?
Or to secure the fresh water supply?
For cooling tower applications or irrigation in the agricultural industry?

You have to deal with waste water that needs to be treated? And these streams still contain valuable commodities that you want to recover?

Than you probably already know that you’re facing a major challenge – like most Fortune 500 companies. And this challenge gets bigger every day: shrinking ressources, growing restrictions.

Please allow us to introduce you to the future of water treatment!

our Technology

Forward Osmosis

main principle

Our technology is based on the principle of forward osmosis (FO) – not reverse osmosis (RO)! Thats the basic principle of every living cell. This way you can utilize the advantage that nature uses since billions of years:

process steps

The process consists of: 
◉ the osmosis step that pulls fresh water, and 
◉ a reconcentratio step (→ cyclic process) that reconcentrates the osmotic agent of the draw solution. Thereby the proces gets self-sustaining.


✓ half the energy consumption
✓ excellent retention
✓ excellent robustness
✓ hardly any fouling and scaling
✓ very high reliability
✓ consistent treatment quality
✓ very simple operation
✓ very low maintenance
✓ resistant against most chemicals
✓ ph-tolerant over a wide scale
✓ ideal for rough applications

the Company

fluvicon GmbH was founded by Thomas Griessler in May 2013, and independently develops the „Osmotic Cycle“.

Thomas Griessler

Thomas Griessler received his BA in Physics through his interunioversitary studies at the University of Technology Graz and the Karl-Franzens-University Graz.

His background lies primarily in experimental physics, with emphasis on experimental practice, fluid dynamics, cavitation and sonoluminescence. 
After earning his degree he developed – amongst other things – a ferrofluide based membrane separation process for water treatment; this was the precursor to the „Osmotic Cycle“.


fluvicon weas able to secure some of the most prestigupus high-tech funding in Austria, and already finished two investment rounds very successfully.

Currently fluvicon leads a research consortium dealing with forward osmosis, and gets pilot projects with first industrial customers on the way.


Due to its great robustness and energy efficiency, forward osmosis is the obvious choice for many industrial applications and public supply and treatment needs.

Oil & Gas

produced water treatment


recycling and recovery of valuables

sea water desalination

for potable and irrigation water


municipal water supply and waste water treatment

Food and Beverage

concentration and separation


cooling water, process water, etc.

Partners / Investors

If you are interested in partnering with us, or investing in the next generation of water treatment and desalination technology, please contact us!

A plus B

Academia plus Business


Austrian Research Promotion Agency


Montanuniversität Leoben


Styrian Business Developement Agency 


Institute for Process Engineering in the industrial environmental protection at the Montanuniversität


Center for Applied Technology

successfactory GmbH

Industry 4.0

MionTec GmbH

Process Developement

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